The City of Oneonta began investigating in mid-October a decrease in sanitary sewer flow into the waste water treatment plant. On Monday, a flow variation was identified in the sanitary sewer line between Market Street and Neahwa Park. On Wednesday an outside contractor was brought in and a partial collapse of the underground sanitary sewer line flowing near the Millrace was identified. This break is located approximately 10 feet beneath the surface of the bank along the south side of the Millrace. As a result of the break, it appears a significant quantity of untreated domestic waste water has been and continues to be introduced into the Millrace.

The City used calculated variations in flow to best estimate the amount of discharge. The City is undertaking emergency measures to have the line bypassed and repaired as soon as possible. The public should avoid recreational activities in the Millrace and Susquehanna River downstream from the pipe break. During repairs the City will be further investigating the damage to determine the cause of the unexpected break. Updates will be provided by the City as information becomes available.