Essential Items That Every Hiker Should Carry
Whether you're headed out for an easy day hike or looking to get away for longer there are 10 essential items that everyone should have while in the wilderness. All of this equipment is affordable, easy to carry and just plain smart to have with you.
Netflix's 'Tiger King' Will Make You Donate to PETA
Here is the question du jour: Will the new Netflix docu-series Tiger King  make you want to give to PETA? The world appears to be talking about Tiger King, Netflix's new 7-part docu-series about the life of Joe Exotic and also Carole Baskins, who each keep wild animals on their proper…
Foodie Friday 'Drool Drops' Dog Treat Recipe
I’ve had requests from people wanting to be able to make treats for their pets since they don’t want to go to the store. You may have the ingredients on hand but you can often find substitutions for some items or leave some things out.

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