The City of Oneonta, in partnership with Cleinman Performance Partners and Asbury Gardens, announces plans to build Miller Park as a tribute to Oneonta’s late Mayor Richard Miller. Brian Fawcett of the New Asbury Gardens, who has designed the park, is planning to begin construction in early Spring on the plot of land situated at the southwest corner of the intersection of Main Street and Lettis Highway. The park will include year round plantings, a walkway, benches, and a sculpture garden.

Alan Cleinman, president of Cleinman Performance Partners, who has provided the leadership and a $10,000. donation to drive this initiative states, “It is our honor, and every citizen’s obligation, to support the ongoing beautification of our area. In this particular case, it was Dick’s and my vision to make the Main Street and Lettis Highway intersection something special; a memorable entrance to our wonderful city. We are pleased to have been able to support this process, first with the redevelopment of Curtis Park and then with the plantings in the median on Lettis Highway. Now, it is only fitting that we continue this process and pay tribute to Dick Miller and his lasting impact on our city. By building this unique sculptor garden we honor Dick’s legacy and celebrate our city’s slogan, “Life Enjoyed.”

Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig states, “Al Cleinman has, through his generosity, once again
demonstrated both his love for Mayor Miller and the community of Oneonta. Not only is this a lasting tribute to Dick, it also signifies community pride to visitors and residents alike as they enter the City of Oneonta. Community pride is something that Dick Miller valued and exemplified.”

To take a look at a rendering of what the park will look like, click the link below.

Miller Park