This past Saturday at about 2:55 a.m., members of the Oneonta Police Department were flagged down from a concerned citizen regarding a disturbance in the area of 142 Main Street, Oneonta. The officers discovered a male holding down another person who had just allegedly broken several windows on Main Street. Police identified the suspect as 25 year old Leonard Funderbunk of Buffalo. Funderbunk was charged with 3 counts of 3rd degree criminal mischief, a Class E felony. The windows that were broken belonged to three businesses located on Main Street. One of those businesses suffered two broken windows. The estimated amount of the damaged windows is in excess of $250 each. Police say witnesses and review of the downtown surveillance system revealed that Funderbunk ran across Main Street several times throwing his body into random windows causing the four to crack in a spider pattern.

Leonard Funderbunk (Credit: Oneonta Police Dept.)