First thing's first. If you read this headline and clicked over here hoping for an iOS game featuring a certain green-hued anti hero, we're sorry to report that this game has nothing to do with Bruce Banner's alter ego returning from outer space with an army. But if you clicked over here hoping for news about a certain table-top science fantasy game, then you are in luck!

Games Workshop has announced that they will bring their board game Space Hulk to iOS. Space Hulk, which takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, features a world filled with Space Marines that have to crawl through the ruins of a giant spaceship, hunting evil aliens called Genestealers.

Developed by Denmark-based developer Full Control, makers of other turn-based strategy games, Space Hulk will be the second Games Workshop game schedule for iOS, in addition to their other title Warhammer Quest. The game is also coming to PC and Mac.

Based on the picture above, it looks like the metal offspring of Samus and the robot exoskeleton from Alien. Which, hey ... is a pretty good combo. The Space Hulk board game was full of dungeon-crawling and that will be the core of what takes place here. One player takes the role of the space marines and the other the role of the aliens. There's no indication of what the gameplay will look like or when the game will be released, but that's why they call it a teaser trailer, right?

Check out the trailer below: