(Press release from SUNY Delhi)

SUNY Delhi University Police are continuing their investigation into a series of fights that broke out during a dance party in the Farrell Center on campus Sunday, September 18 at approximately 1 a.m.

Police responded to a report of a fight in the crowd. As officers approached, the fight and a number of individuals moved outside. At the same time, two unrelated fights began, leading officials to immediately cancel the event. As they began to move students and guests outside the building, several became unruly. A large crowd remained outside Farrell and some became increasingly belligerent when asked to leave. Area law enforcement agencies were called to assist in dispersing the crowd and a number of additional fights that occurred. Pepper spray was used in a limited number of individual cases. No serious injuries were reported.

"SUNY Delhi has zero tolerance for behavior like this, said President Michael R. Laliberte. "We will do everything possible to identify the instigators and others involved. Appropriate criminal and disciplinary action will be taken. Additional dance parties like this have been canceled indefinitely as were events planned on campus today."
"The incident has been very unsettling for students," the president said. "We are a very small, close knit community and University Police and Student Life staff have been available on campus throughout the day to help reassure students. Students who may have information that would assist in the investigation are urged to contact University Police. Students who have additional questions should contact Counseling Center staff or their resident director."
"We also want to thank the local law enforcement agencies for their quick response and assistance," the president added. "Their willingness to help reflects a commitment by all of us to keep our communities safe."