U.S. Senator Charles Schumer was at Chenango Memorial Hospital in Norwich Wednesday to announce that his legislation will extend support to rural hospitals that treat high numbers of Medicare patients and are critical to rural communities.

Schumer said that CMH had received a total of $1.8 million from two federal programs.

"These programs were put in place to help hospitals like Chenango and because rural hospitals don't have the clout of the big hospital centers in large cities, they needed someone to go to bat for them," Schumer said. "As a member of the Finance Committee, which is in charge of healthcare, I took on that project. Today, I am thrilled to say we did it. These programs have been extended and the fiscal cliff deal that passed in January ensures the continued $1.8 million in funding."

Without action 25 hospitals in New York State would have lost Medicare funding this year.

Schumer’s effort means that Chenango Memorial Hospital can continue providing lifesaving services and keeping employees on the job