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50 Cent Credits His SUV for Saving His Life in Car Accident
50 Cent is on the mend after being hurt in a car accident last week. The New York rapper was in his SUV being chauffeured when a Mack truck rammed into the back of his vehicle, which almost caused it to flip over. Fif and the driver suffered only minor neck injuries in the fender-bender and are grat…
Chris Brown Believes That Hip-Hop Is Dead
Chris Brown has the rap forums abuzz over remarks he made about hip-hop in an interview with Fuse TV (spotted at Complex). The R&B crooner believes that hip-hop is dying off as a brand (or genre) because of its lack of marketability and profitability.
Steven Adler Labels Current Guns N’ Roses Lineup ‘Hacks’
We’ve known all along that the odds were against the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup coming together for a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen — and it hasn’t stopped some of the former band members from openly campaigning for a on…