Wanderlust Dream Job
Lauren Pennino
If you love to travel and post photos to your Instagram, Netflix has just come up with the dream job for you.
Netflix is offering a two week assignment, paying a total of $4,000, to simply travel throughout Europe and the Middle East and take Instagram pictures of different the sites yo…
Oneonta Graduate Appears On “The Voice”
Lauren Pennino
SUNY Oneonta graduate Ryan Quinn appeared on NBC’s “The Voice” on March 7th after performing “Can’t Find My Way Home” during the audition phase of the show. Quinn received a rare four chair turn fro…
Reach Across The Aisle
Lauren Pennino
As the election seasons continues to roll on, the ads have been tougher, and both voters and politicians seem to be very set in their ways and refuse to reach across the aisle. JetBlue Airways wants to change this.
JetBlue invited around 150 passengers to “Reach Across the Aisle,&…
Kalamazoo Deadly Shooting Spree
Lauren Pennino
This past Saturday in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Uber driver Jason Dalton went on a shooting spree leaving six people dead and two people critically injured. This shooting spree was completely random, and began around 5:42 P.M. on Saturday...
The 2nd Annual Brew for Books Fundraiser
by Lauren Pennino
On Wednesday, February 24th at 6:30 PM The Roots Brewing Co. will be hosting the 2nd Annual Brew for Books Fundraiser. This donation is towards digital or print books, and for every beer that is bought $1 goes to the Library...

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